autoglym-lifeshine-packlogoWe’re lucky at AK AutoKleen, we get to work with the very finest car cleaning supplies and Autoglym is one product that helps to enhance our quality car valeting service in Bordon.  If you’re not aware, Autoglym lifeshine is the very finest sealant protection system you can use for the exterior or interior of your car.

Designed to protect paintwork, interior upholstery and glass from the long-term damage caused by daily exposure to a wealth of pollutants, car polish doesn’t get any better, this really does give your car a fresh-from-the-showroom finish.

We wouldn’t work with any other type of car polish at AA AutoKleen mobile valeting. We know your vehicle deserves the finest and this is why we fully endorse Autoglym high definition wax, along with the other value for money cleaning products you find in this range.


Autoglym LifeShine Bag

Paint work protection – At the heart of the lifeshine system is the paint sealant, a unique autoglym-lifeshine-bagprotective coating which is applied to the complete bodywork to provide maximum resistance to enviromental hazards in even the most severe weather conditions, whilst exuding a deep gloss finish. The protection element of the sealant makes it difficult for any pollutant to bond with the valuable exterior paint surfaces whilst the glossy water repellent coating will ensure a longer lasting mirror finish.

Upholstery Protection – Leather, upholstery and carpets are treated with an invisible waterproof coating to seal out moisture and resist staining. Any accidental spillage such as coffee or cola, will simply bead on the surface, making it possible to clean the effected area without danger of permanent staining. The coating also provides the same kind of protection as the sealant making it much easier to remove any dirt.

Glass Protection – All exterior side and rear windows are treated with a long term, optically clear and non-stick easy to clean coating. This is especially useful in wet weather conditions when greater clarity of driving vision is required. Since the treated glass surfaces roll off the water droplets with minimal friction thus allowing for better vision.

If you want to start benefitting from the Autoglym Lifeshine system and see the difference we can make with our mobile car detailing service, please contact us or call 07969572044.