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AK AutoKleen

Car wash & deatiling service

AK AutoKleen was formed in 2010, by Andrew Knox. Our goal is simple – to provide our customers with the best, friendliest & most convenient hand car wash experience possible. We use extremely high quality products and equipment in all our vehicle valet services.

  • We use professional equipment and have a fully trained staff
  • We make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their service
  • Professional detailing will increase the resale value of your car
  • We are a licensed and fully insured company
  • Book your service via our online tool available here.

Popular Questions

How often should I have my vehicle washed?
Your vehicle is a major investment and can cost a lot to keep it running. Keeping the vehicle clean and protected from the vast array of objects and debris on the UK roads should also be considered an investment too.

Location, frequency of use and where the vehicle is stored are all considerations when determining when a vehicle should next be washed.

In an Ideal world you would wash your vehicle every 2-4 weeks if the answer to the above questions are ones that mean your vehicle is more at risk from things like rust, salt damage or a target for “bird business”. This timeframe can be extended if your vehicle is less at risk.

AK Autokleen can ensure your car is protected via the use of a paintwork protection service. This product provides extra protection which will help stop damage to paintwork and make the car easier to clean. Check our services page for more info.

Do bird droppings damage the car?
Bird droppings are potentially damaging and need careful removal.

During hot weather, the lacquer is at is softest and is at its most vulnerable. It is important to not use too much hard pressing when removing the offending substance from your paintwork.

Place a damp cloth or a car cleaning wipe over the offending area and leave it in place for a few minutes. Once you have done this it should come away from the surface easily with no need to press hard. Repeat the steps if it does not all come away first time

Will a jet wash damage the paintwork?
There is always a risk of damaging your paintwork when using a pressure washer on your vehicle. At AK Autokleen we are highly experienced when using pressure washers so the chances of any damage is extremely low.
But I can get it done for £30 at the local car wash?
This is true, you can get it done for £30 at your local car wash. This will however, not even get remotely close to the level of cleaning that our services provide. We tailor our service to your specific requirements to ensure we bring out the best results possible.

AK Autokleen take great care in our work. We spend hours on your vehicle, cleaning every inch of it and making it shine. Take a look at our testimonials for what our customers say about our amazing work and also check out our gallery for images of our work.

Quality of Service

Our commitment to you, is that your vehicle will be serviced to our highest standard. The 4 pillars below are combined to give one amazing end result.

There is a reason we have been entrusted to clean some extremely prestigious and expensive vehicles. Check out our gallery for the images of the vehicles we have cleaned.

Using the right products